Akkadia was the first empire which united the Sumerian and Mespotamian cities, founded by Sargon the Great


Akkadia was founded by Sargon the Great, who conquered the previous Sumerian kingdom and united the Sumerians and the Semitic Akkadians. Used cuneiform from Sumeria.  

Reached its maximum extent under Naram-Sin, grandson of Sargon the Great. Naram-Sin built a stele of his victory over Lullub, adopted the title "King of the Four Quarters".  


According to a text, Akkadia's downfall was caused after Naram-Sin destroyed the temple of Enlil of Nippur. This led to the invasion of the Gutians, a barbarian people from the Zagros.

The Semitic AKkadians were later divided into the Assyrians in the north and the Babylonians in the South.

Culture Edit

Works in Akkadian include Gilgamesh, the Amarna Letters, and Enuma Elish, the creation myth.

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